A quick lunch at ‘Stripped Back’ by Ben Spalding

After a rather wet wander around Broadway Market, we sat down to lunch at Ex Roganic Chef, Ben Spalding’s outdoor Kitchen/ Dining experience. Set up in a primary school playground, Stripped Back offered new concept of how we perceive market eating. With a miniature rough restaurant like set up under a gazebo next to other street food traders, the stall offered a 4 course menu on sit down stools for just £15. With no gas, electric or running water, the food was served from Tupawear and ice cream tubs, pre prepped and ready to go. With only room to seat 8 people at a time, the setting was intimate and it gave you chance to chat about the food you were eating and how it was prepared. It was closer to a market stall than to that of a restaurant in many ways, however, the attention to detail in the food and eating from china dishes, not disposable plates, gave it that special edge that made me re think the concept of street food. The food was fresh and delicious, especially home cured salmon and the quirky cider served at the beginning of the meal. The menu changes every week so no doubt we will be going back again before it finishes. An interesting and exciting new way to eat.

Stripped Back takes place every Saturday in London Fields Primary school playground, Westgate Street E8 3RL


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