Rainbow! Quick get the camera!

I don’t mind the rain when I’m inside and dry, but recently I have managed to get soaked almost everyday…

I am indeed an ‘all weather’ cyclist who doesn’t give up her bike come rain or shine (only snow), so this last week the weather has managed to successfully catch me out everyday. Either leaving for work in now enough waterproofs and turning up obliterated or leaving work covered top to toe in ‘all weather gear’ and not a drop of rain falling! I feel like I just can’t win!
However, after leaving work on time yesterday and getting home before the start of the torrential down pour I felt pretty happy… then the rainbow came out.

Now I love a rainbow. Could I get this rainbow on camera? No.

Camera?  Current stand in make shift phone?  Through window?  Out of the back door? No. No rainbow.

Then I see this picture my friend has put on her facebook…. So I thought I would post it to show how beautiful this London rainbow was. Well done LC, thats more than I got on my camera!

Enjoy and hopefully the weather will cheer up this weekend and we can get on with what we were doing this time last year…picnics.


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