Rainbow! Quick get the camera!

I don’t mind the rain when I’m inside and dry, but recently I have managed to get soaked almost everyday…

I am indeed an ‘all weather’ cyclist who doesn’t give up her bike come rain or shine (only snow), so this last week the weather has managed to successfully catch me out everyday. Either leaving for work in now enough waterproofs and turning up obliterated or leaving work covered top to toe in ‘all weather gear’ and not a drop of rain falling! I feel like I just can’t win!
However, after leaving work on time yesterday and getting home before the start of the torrential down pour I felt pretty happy… then the rainbow came out.

Now I love a rainbow. Could I get this rainbow on camera? No.

Camera?  Current stand in make shift phone?  Through window?  Out of the back door? No. No rainbow.

Then I see this picture my friend has put on her facebook…. So I thought I would post it to show how beautiful this London rainbow was. Well done LC, thats more than I got on my camera!

Enjoy and hopefully the weather will cheer up this weekend and we can get on with what we were doing this time last year…picnics.


Damien Hirst – A retrospective at Tate Modern

On Sunday I went to see the Damien Hirst exhibition at Tate Modern and have attached some of my favourite pieces below to share with you.

Mother and Child Divided by Damien Hirst

In and Out of Love (White Paintings and Live butterflies)

In and Out of Love (White Paintings and Live butterflies); Detail

In and Out of Love (White Paintings and Live butterflies); Detail


Judgement Day

Doorways to the Kingdom of Heaven: Detail

If you have been to see the exhibition I’d love to hear what you thought of it…

Damien Hirst at Tate Modern

French Connection – A fresh look for the home

Have you seen the new range of homeware at French Connection?

I went into their store today and was expecting an extended version of The White Company meets Ikea but I was pleasantly surprised. I am by no means a girl who boasts an immaculate white home full of neutrals and various shades of bright white, infact the opposite, however these quirky little individual objects really appealed to me. Yes all of them were white, and yes as an over all display the area they had ‘dressed’ did look like another minimal homeware range for the carefully restrained individual, an individual who manages to somehow resist all colour to the home, but when you looked closely each piece had character and by no means felt like the product of a high street chain.

Vases covered in what looks like fork marks, unusual glass wears that you would expect to see in an old antique shop and ‘sack print’ inspired cushions. I loved the funny little ceramic tea light holders that look like a crumpled paper bags and wobbly edge fruit bowls, it was all quite delightful and some of the items even inspired me to get creative with some white paint. Who would have thought just painting an everyday object like a canvas bag, with a coat of emulsion paint, could make it so modern and desirable…may try this at home…

I picked some of my favourite ceramics to share with you below…Let me know what you think…

French Connection Home Range

…definatly better in store to look at, the website doesn’t do them much justice…

Yay – Instagram for android at last!

Just got instagram on my android handset this weekend and am very excited for the weather to clear up so I can get outside and take some cool picks!!
For now indoors will have to do…