Marni for H&M – The scrabble for this seasons ‘must have’ items … But was it worth it?

So was it? Worth the wait? The getting up at dawn to stand in the cold on a windy corner of Regents Street? To wait to be issued with a coloured wristband that promises entry to the area where the clothes you have been thinking of for the past month are being held? I think so.

Having carefully thought over what I would like to buy, I put together a little ‘Wish List’ of the items that I had decided on. However, this is all very well when the collection isn’t available in the shops, to think up what you would wear that chunky, white flower necklace with or the little sequin collar, but when you are in the queue all you can think about is getting anything! Anything to make your early start and freezing toes worth the while.

I cannot explain how hard it is wearing an orange wristband and knowing your group is 7th. Watching all the favourite accessories flying off the shop floor in front of you. Putting 20 fashion-hungry shoppers into a tiny fenced off area with a collection that has limited stock, is globally coveted and a limit on ‘one per customer’ has been issued. It’s enough to make any fashionista nervous. Egged on by the next group of wristband wearers eagerly waiting in the ‘holding pen’ no wonder all the necklaces got gobbled up before my group got in. disappointed is not the word.

I thought about all the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ while waiting for my turn…Should I have got there earlier to get into the group at the front? Should I have gone to a different store? Should I have come at all? But when that gate opens to go in with 10mins on the stop clock you forget about the wait, the cold, what everyone else has bought and focus on what you came for…great clothes designed by someone we can only dream of buying from.

As it happened luck was on my side and my friend Fran managed to bag me a white sequin collar and along with the two silk tops that looked beautiful on I felt pretty satisfied at the end. Happy and glad I came.

My new wardrobe additions from Marni at H&M


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