Week off work / West London

This week I’m off work on holiday. I didn’t have anything planned to do so I set out to explore London a bit more and visit some exhibitions that are on that I fancied seeing. Kicking off the week I saw Lady Hawk do a short set which was filmed for Channel 4 live in Camden Sunday evening. Apart from the long wait out in the cold, it was definitely work it and I looked forward to seeing some other exciting things this week…

Tuesday morning: West London

I went for a wonder around Portobello road and up to Kokon to Zai, an independent boutique I have wanted to visit for a while but never seemed to have got round to doing, I wasn’t disappointed. The interior was fantastic, crammed full of taxidermy, skulls sculpture and interesting furniture. Unfortunately there was a no photo policy so I have had to make use the pictures from ES magazine (see below).

On the way I also came across Retro woman, a small second hand store that buys and sells good quality designer vintage clothes and accessories. The shop walls were lined with glass cabinets displaying all sorts of shoes and boots. Rails crammed with designer Marni, Cacharel and Paul Smith.

307 Portobello Road was also a bit of a suprise…I wouldn’t have expected from the shabby front that inside would have been brimming with lots of little interesting things to look at. Old letters from printing sets bits of old kitchen wear and books littered the inside like Aladdin’s cave.

Also came across an interesting place to eat…Think I will go back to Pizza East another day with some friends…

Retro Woman on Pembridge Road

307 Portobello Road

307 Portobello Road

Kokon to Zai - 86 Golbourne Road

Kokon to Zai - ES Magazine


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