Hello Sunshine…Hello Neon

The first weekend in a long time of the sun properly showing! Fabulous!

After a week of not feeling great, I’m glad to see the sun is out before the busy week I have ahead of me… Relaxing outside, I have spent today looking forward to the approaching summer season and investing in some serious neon colours. Last year I loved all things coral and this year the colour level has gone up a step and if it’s not neon it’s just not bright enough! I bought some tiny pink neon shorts today in Topshop and have spent the afternoon sitting out on the common sipping Provincial rose wine and working my way through a pile of old Harper’s magazines.

The perfect way to bring in the summer sunshine.

Navy, Neon and a hint of polka dot. The perfect combo.

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Marni for H&M – The scrabble for this seasons ‘must have’ items … But was it worth it?

So was it? Worth the wait? The getting up at dawn to stand in the cold on a windy corner of Regents Street? To wait to be issued with a coloured wristband that promises entry to the area where the clothes you have been thinking of for the past month are being held? I think so.

Having carefully thought over what I would like to buy, I put together a little ‘Wish List’ of the items that I had decided on. However, this is all very well when the collection isn’t available in the shops, to think up what you would wear that chunky, white flower necklace with or the little sequin collar, but when you are in the queue all you can think about is getting anything! Anything to make your early start and freezing toes worth the while.

I cannot explain how hard it is wearing an orange wristband and knowing your group is 7th. Watching all the favourite accessories flying off the shop floor in front of you. Putting 20 fashion-hungry shoppers into a tiny fenced off area with a collection that has limited stock, is globally coveted and a limit on ‘one per customer’ has been issued. It’s enough to make any fashionista nervous. Egged on by the next group of wristband wearers eagerly waiting in the ‘holding pen’ no wonder all the necklaces got gobbled up before my group got in. disappointed is not the word.

I thought about all the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ while waiting for my turn…Should I have got there earlier to get into the group at the front? Should I have gone to a different store? Should I have come at all? But when that gate opens to go in with 10mins on the stop clock you forget about the wait, the cold, what everyone else has bought and focus on what you came for…great clothes designed by someone we can only dream of buying from.

As it happened luck was on my side and my friend Fran managed to bag me a white sequin collar and along with the two silk tops that looked beautiful on I felt pretty satisfied at the end. Happy and glad I came.

My new wardrobe additions from Marni at H&M

Yayoi Kusama – Tate Modern: Time Out Readers Event

After a long day in central London I headed over to Tate Modern to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition, for the Time Out Readers event.

Beginning with a talk about Kusama, her background and her work, the evening continued with free entry to the exhibition and refreshments.

I wasn’t sure what to expect to see in the exhibition as I know a lot of her work is about over sized objects and installations and was suprised to find such a variety of work in various different mediums. Everything from sculpture, film, installations and even ‘mark making’ on canvases, which she referred to as ‘nets’ were mixed up through the exhibition.  A lot of the 2D work she was showing was so detailed, the kind of work where you want to look at it millimetres away from the page just to take in all the intricate colours and textures.

One of my favourite pieces was ‘I’m here, but Nothing’, a room set out like a living room covered in psychedelic dots all under UV lighting. The room came as a pleasant suprise after seeing a lot of her ‘toned down work’ at the beginning of the display. However, the highlight of the event was the final room ‘Infinity Mirrored Room – Filled with the Brilliance of Life’. A room which no photo can ever portray as well as standing in this surreal environment, surrounded by mirrors with tiny lights hanging from the ceiling, thus giving the effect of all four walls going on forever. A fantastic end to a really well organised event curtsey of Time Out Magazine. Definatly worth the visit…

Tate modern Time Out Readers event

Image from Isabelleoc.co.uk

Image from Isabelleoc.co.uk

Image from Isabelleoc.co.uk

Image from Isabelleoc.co.uk

Image from Isabelleoc.co.uk

Image from Isabelleoc.co.uk

Some Images are from Isabelle OC and credited at the bottom of the image. All other images are my own.


Getty Images Gallery – Eastcastle St. Via Barnett and Lawson Trimmings

Tuesday afternoon I went and had a rummage in Barnett Lawson Trimmings before heading to the Getty Images Gallery to see their current exhibition of Marilyn photo’s and costumes. Definitely worth a visit if your around Oxford Circus way…

Getty Images Gallery 

Week off work / West London

This week I’m off work on holiday. I didn’t have anything planned to do so I set out to explore London a bit more and visit some exhibitions that are on that I fancied seeing. Kicking off the week I saw Lady Hawk do a short set which was filmed for Channel 4 live in Camden Sunday evening. Apart from the long wait out in the cold, it was definitely work it and I looked forward to seeing some other exciting things this week…

Tuesday morning: West London

I went for a wonder around Portobello road and up to Kokon to Zai, an independent boutique I have wanted to visit for a while but never seemed to have got round to doing, I wasn’t disappointed. The interior was fantastic, crammed full of taxidermy, skulls sculpture and interesting furniture. Unfortunately there was a no photo policy so I have had to make use the pictures from ES magazine (see below).

On the way I also came across Retro woman, a small second hand store that buys and sells good quality designer vintage clothes and accessories. The shop walls were lined with glass cabinets displaying all sorts of shoes and boots. Rails crammed with designer Marni, Cacharel and Paul Smith.

307 Portobello Road was also a bit of a suprise…I wouldn’t have expected from the shabby front that inside would have been brimming with lots of little interesting things to look at. Old letters from printing sets bits of old kitchen wear and books littered the inside like Aladdin’s cave.

Also came across an interesting place to eat…Think I will go back to Pizza East another day with some friends…

Retro Woman on Pembridge Road

307 Portobello Road

307 Portobello Road

Kokon to Zai - 86 Golbourne Road

Kokon to Zai - ES Magazine

Topshop – The shop back on my shopping list

So today I went into Topshop for the first time in a while. Not because I haven’t wanted to, it’s just I always feel if I buy my clothes from there everyone else will have the same as me. This is necessarily a bad thing; I would just rather not wear the same clothes as my fellow colleagues to work everyday. However, with the new ice cream colours in store and after a rather large ‘try on’ session, I feel that I have rekindled the love I have for the store that I often avoid and will be going back in later in the week to pick up the pastel jeans :)

Lace dress down – pastel jeans here I come…

All images from Topshop.com