Vintage Fashion fair: My new jumper

On Sunday I went to Anita’s Vintage Fashion Fair at the 20th Century theatre, Notting Hill with my friend Ruth.

I had a lovely time looking round the rails packed with vintage treasures…This fair was a gold mine for any Collector, with the likes of Ozzy Clark, YSL and Hardy Aimes dresses Nestled amongst the glittering evening wear of the 1920’s and 1950’s prom dresses.

I bought a lovely little hand knitted jumper with a pretty texture I haven’t come across before… A nod to the pastel trend before the weather warms up for sure…

 Anita’s Vintage Fashion Fair


‘The Artist’ – Back to the 20’s

Today I went to see ‘The Artist’ at the Ritzy; a beautiful independent cinema located in South London. It was like stepping back in time in the ornate picture house as the authentic black and white film began to roll. With almost no dialogue and music that you are sure to remember for long after, it’s definitely worth going to see. Along side the anticipation for the 2nd Gatsby film, due to hit screens later this year, the 1920’s era is sure to influence our creativity over the next few months. Flapper inspired dresses, beaded hats and tassels are expected on mood boards for the coming season.

BirdSong, new drama on BBC1…

Having advised everyone to watch ‘Birdsong’, the new BBC1 Sunday night drama at work through my ‘Inspiring Stuff’ newsletter, purely based on it’s enthusiastic reviews, I felt I best sit down last night and find out what all the anticipation is about. Based on Sebastian Faulk’s epic love story, Birdsong more than lived up to my expectations.

I’m not really a period drama girl, but this program was absolutely gripping. I almost couldn’t watch the gory war scenes but was too hooked to get up and turn the program off…peeping at the screen through my hands at points, too anxious for words, as they disappeared into the underground tunnels of the WW1 trenches. Fiddling with my Twitter through the intimate love scenes, reading how people were watching with their parents…if ever there was a time for an awkward moment! The costumes were well considered and Isabelle (Clements Poesy), in her delicate vintage dresses is sure to put Parisian Chic on the wardrobe inspiration list! Pretty layered, soft dresses with beautiful embellishment, I am looking forward to going to the National Theatre Costume Hire centre on Friday to look for something similar to photograph and to next Sunday night for the concluding episode…Bring on the weekend!

Starring Eddie Redmayne and Clements Poesy, Birdsong BBC1 Sunday at 9pm.

Smarter wear…

The last of my photograph’s from the National Theatre Archive…Hopefully I have another appointment next Friday so I should be able to find some more exciting pictures to post.

Details I think I would like to reference in design.

…More images from the National Theatre Archive…details that I think I would like to reference in my designs…