Hand Crafted Christmas Decorations

Inspired by my friend Harriet and her hand-knitted Christmas tree stockings, I’ve decided to get my craft stuff back out and get creative again. So this year I suggested we make each other a decoration for our Chistmas tree’s as our work ‘Secret Santa’. Many hours of sewing later Ruth’s sequin ‘R’ appeared. I feel so proud and have been excited to post the pic’s on here ever since I finished it but couldn’t until I had given it to her… so here’s the pic’s of Harriet’s gorgeous knitted stockings, the sequin ‘R’ I made for Ruth and the adorable white felt dove Leanne crafted for me. Our trees are going to look beautiful this Christmas!

Hand knitted Christmas tree stockings by Harriet

My sequin 'R' for Ruth

Leanne's hand-crafted Dove


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