Costa’s Barbers: Battersea High St.

After our weekly shop at the little green grocers on Battersea High Street, we decided to go into the quirky little coffee shop we have previously noticed a few doors down. Tucked off the main busy streets of Battersea, the High Street is a peaceful little cobbled road thriving on a Saturday with the Local farmers market. Previously a barber’s shop, Costa’s Barbers boasts an eclectic selection of Retro furniture. The interior, although full, works well together creating an unusual but interesting mix of old and new. Formica top tables with miss match 60’s chairs and little metal stools sit haphazardly at the front of the shop while the back has a wide selection of interior ‘one off’s’ for sale. It’s a great little place to source those individual pieces for your home or just to sip coffee like us on a Saturday morning and get inspired.

Also recently reviewed by Nestify

Costa’s Barbers


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