Vintage Dress – My outfit for New Year and my Birthday drinks

As promised, some pictures of the dress I found at the Cambria vintage market that my Mum gave me at Christmas… I am going to wear this out tonight for New Year with a narrow gro grain Belt, Black tights and heels…I think this is my best fashion find of 2011…

Here’s to 2012 Happy New Year!


Christmas Jewellery

This Christmas I got some gorgeous jewellery and I thought I’d share it with you…Here’s what I will be wearing in 2012…

1. Cast flower bud by Rachel Entwistle  .  2.Sparkley ball pendent necklace by Jessica Mary Designs. 3. Stud earings by Accessorize. 4. Crochet and metal butterflynecklace by Accessorize. 5. Scissor necklace by Freedom at Topshop.

For the home…

As mentioned on twitter, I was really busy with the run up to Christmas, working on some hand made pillows for my friend Helen and also my Nan. Each one is made from linen with appliquéd houses made from scrap fabrics. The flowers are hand embellished in yarn, with little pom-poms I bought on Ebay used for the finishing touch…


Possibly the best Christmas jumper ever…

I just wanted to share this Christmas cardi with you, a bit late I know but definately a piece of knitwear I won’t be forgetting in a hurry!

Sported by my friend Laura to one of her parties over the Christmas period I’m thinking this went down a storm…

The Cambria Vintage Market

Today I went to see Ruth, the print designer I work with, at the vintage fair she was showing at. Hidden in the heart of Camberwell, The Cambria Vintage Market had a selection of exhibitors showing vintage clothes, jewellery and accessories. She had a great range of individually selected vintage pieces spread carefully across a well decorated table. It was hard to choose but I bought a beautiful old broach for the back of the 1950’s dress I recently purchased from the Anita’s Vintage fair and also a little bow necklace. I’ve attached pic’s of these below.

However, my find of the day was a stunning original 1940’s beaded dress. In 100% burgundy, wine coloured silk it had long, slightly ballooned sleeves with a half pleated skirt that came just above the knee. The high neckline and polka dot style graduated beading on the body made it look modern. I think this has to be my favourite dress I’ve ever bought! Unfortunately the dress is getting posted to my home address and my mum is wrapping it for me for Christmas so pic’s to follow after Christmas.

 The Cambria Vintage Market

My vintage buys...

Costa’s Barbers: Battersea High St.

After our weekly shop at the little green grocers on Battersea High Street, we decided to go into the quirky little coffee shop we have previously noticed a few doors down. Tucked off the main busy streets of Battersea, the High Street is a peaceful little cobbled road thriving on a Saturday with the Local farmers market. Previously a barber’s shop, Costa’s Barbers boasts an eclectic selection of Retro furniture. The interior, although full, works well together creating an unusual but interesting mix of old and new. Formica top tables with miss match 60’s chairs and little metal stools sit haphazardly at the front of the shop while the back has a wide selection of interior ‘one off’s’ for sale. It’s a great little place to source those individual pieces for your home or just to sip coffee like us on a Saturday morning and get inspired.

Also recently reviewed by Nestify

Costa’s Barbers

Hand Crafted Christmas Decorations

Inspired by my friend Harriet and her hand-knitted Christmas tree stockings, I’ve decided to get my craft stuff back out and get creative again. So this year I suggested we make each other a decoration for our Chistmas tree’s as our work ‘Secret Santa’. Many hours of sewing later Ruth’s sequin ‘R’ appeared. I feel so proud and have been excited to post the pic’s on here ever since I finished it but couldn’t until I had given it to her… so here’s the pic’s of Harriet’s gorgeous knitted stockings, the sequin ‘R’ I made for Ruth and the adorable white felt dove Leanne crafted for me. Our trees are going to look beautiful this Christmas!

Hand knitted Christmas tree stockings by Harriet

My sequin 'R' for Ruth

Leanne's hand-crafted Dove