Anita’s Vintage Fashion Fair, Battersea Art’s Centre

On Sunday I went to Anita’s Vintage fashion fair at Battersea Art’s Centre. The selection and quality of the Vintage clothing was fantastic, with everything from casual cotton everyday dresses to fully embellished evening jackets. Beaded purses, starched cottons and fur capes, this was definitely the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning browsing through the rails of beautiful old clothing. I quickly fell in love with a stunning 1950’s original prom dress in a dark apricot colour, which looked divine on, a cotton day dress and a 1970’s printed maxi, perfect for my work Christmas party…Also along the way I saw a great 1940’s print and picked up some vintage trims for my craft box…

I’ll definitely be going to the next fair…

1950's Prom Dress

Printed cotton vintage day dress

1970's Maxi Dress


1940's Print

Vintage Trims


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