Battersea Car Boot

I took a trip over to Battersea car boot today in search of random picture frames for the wall of mix ‘n’ match frames I’m creating. I love having a good rummage as you never know what you might find. It was really busy but I bagged myself a couple of wardrobe bargins, consisting of a new camel cardi with the labels still in and a cute tribal inspired embelished tunic. Definitely disappointed that the Philip Lim dress I spyed was a size zero though!

I also bought another sketch from the artist who always sells pen drawings of London at a little stall to one edge. I bought a watercolour last time but this time I just got a  pen drawing of St Pauls, it’s going to look great up on the wall in my living room. The drawings are really good and range from a pound for a sketch and three for a watercolour…Bargin!

My last little purchase was of a decoupage picture frame covered in vintage maps… a great addition to my collection.

Carbooty wardrobe finds can't wait to wear the tunic!

Artist Robbie's sketch to go on the wall in my lounge

My vintage map covered picture frame waiting to go up...



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