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Jose Pizarro


Kacper Kowalski

After seeing the below images on Kowalski’s website I couldn’t resist posting a few more…so here to the end of summer are some stunning aerial photograph’s.

Kacper Kowalski

Toxic Beauty

Since the ban on aerial photography was lifted from Poland, photographer Kacper Kowalski has been paragliding over his homeland, capturing rural, urban landscapes. Toxic Beauty is a stunning series of photographs focusing on the unexpected splendour of the colourful stains industrial plants have on the landscape. I love the striking colours in the images, almost like they have been painted, patterns gouged into thick acrylic paint. Abstract at first glance, you are able to enjoy the initial hit of colour before the reality of what they stand for cuts in. Showing areas of Poland that are heavily fenced off and guarded, they bring to our attention the sheer scale of damage that is going on behind these forbidden walls…


Ash, also from coal combustion, at Europes largest thermal power plant, in Belchatow.

An open lignite mine in Belchatow.

Aerial view of an industrial plant in the town of Police, where more than 30 different fertilisers and chemicals are produced.

Ash produced by the burning of coal at a thermal power plant in Konin.

Kacper Kowalski

Blitz Vintage Department Store, London

London’s first Vintage Department store has just opened in east London. Horray! Went for a bit of a rummage today with the girls from work and got a pretty silk scarf for colour inspiration…

A wide range of vintage clothes, homewears, luggage and furnature…


Gorgeous silk scarf I bought for Autumn. Great for print inspiration...


Blitz Vintage Department Store: 55-59 Hanbury Street, London. E1 5JP

The Kingham Plough

On the way back from our weekend to Anglesey we drove through the Cotswold’s and stopped at this gorgeous pub for lunch…The sun was shining and the pub was picture perfect… A definate stop off point for Sunday lunch if you are heading this way. Food highly recommended.

 The Kingham Plough

Secret beach…

On the Furthest side of Anglesey Island, 800m down a long dirt unmarked loop of track, where 2 footpaths are marked but over grown…Take the left hand footpath over the metal kissing gate and down across the heath land full of heather. Over the farm gate and down and round the bends follow the path to the end…Over another metal gate and down through the gorse and bramble archway tunnel to the edge of the cliff…A few more brambles and some scrambling over fallen walls and you arrive….at the calmest, erie cove of beach. Not a sound. Porth Wen.

View into the next bay...

Stone archway into the brickworks

Anglesey, Wales

View’s back over the water from Anglesey across Snowdonia National Park…Stunning…

View over Anglesey bridge, Wales.

Island home just off Anglesey...

Views across the water back to Snowdonia national park...