Athens, Summer 2010

During the summer of 2010 I was taken on a surprise trip to Athens for 5 days. The weather was scorching and the city hot and dusty. Beginning with stunning views from up in the air, the holiday was full of surprising foodie finds and cool quirky bars. The Acropolis was a mission to see in the baking midday heat with a steep walk up to the top… but well worth it as the views from the top and the sheer size of the build were breath-taking!
The best find in the days we were there was the lively town of Gazi, a buzzing area located around the old gas works, it was a hub of cool bars and gorgeous busy restaurants. My favourite had to be Mamacas, a pretty restaurant with outdoor tables littered between trees, strung with fairy lights. The tables, chairs and even the tree trunks were painted white. Stunning in the dark, unfortunately hard to take photos of with the low lighting…
Gazi college was a find with a cool college feel corner to corner, even down to napkins with notes on to pass about the ‘class’…
Finishing with a day trip over to Aegina for some freshly cooked local fish straight out the sea and some harbour side holiday snaps…

Views into another world from above….
Flying above the clouds…

Beautiful views across the city from the Acropolis stretching for miles in the baking heat…

Light Breeze...

Athens, a view from Acropolis…clear skies and sunshine

Acropolis, the remaining beauty of crumbling ruins

Acropolis, Athens

Late afternoon sunshine

Acropolis, Athens

Mamacas, Athens

Gazi College Eatery, Athens.

Aegina, Greece

Local fishing boats, Aegina harbour

Aegina, Greece

View over the harbour, Aegina

Aegina harbour, late afternoon

Aegina, Greece

A traditional horse and cart on Aegina


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